woensdag 9 april 2014

Today's Review: Revolution Season 1


Here's another first for me at MovieScene: the review of a whole first season of a television series. It took me a while to sift through all 20 episodes plus a bunch of bonus features found on this set, and the fact it wasn't a great watch didn't help much. Writing a review based on 20 episodes is quite a challenge, and don't be surprised if you find my review a bit short accordingly (I agree it is, but there are word limits to uphold, which is why reviewing a whole season can be called a questionable endeavour at best).

The show in question is called Revolution, an action/adventure programme easily recognizable as a J.J. Abrams production . It cannibalizes Lost's format of overarching mysteries set in a world where bands of people prove unable to peacefully coexist in a fairly primitive environment, coupled with flashbacks to what their lives were like before the events that brought about the new status quo and their involvement in causing said situation, mixed with a bit of Walking Dead in terms of stakes of survival and violence, though of course never as gory as that show. Most characters appear like archetypal repeats of Lost too (there's even a fat nerd who used to be rich), though many of them aren't nearly as compelling as on that show. Revolution is passable television at best, but far from a quality show. Too bad for its hopes of continuous existence, since there's many a more appealing series on the air that ensures it won't be as enduring as Lost. I give it three seasons at best before its own plug gets pulled. Still, nice to see quality actors like Elizabeth Mitchell and Giancarlo Esposito are not lacking for work on telly.

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